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The tapes protect the surfaces of various LCD optical films, such as those for polarization, retardation, diffusion, and brightness enhancement. Our products protect optical films in various scenes, including production, processing, and transportation


Double-faced adhesive tapes 550P8BW and 550R6BW have been developed to attach the backlight and LCD modules to each other.


LS series double-faced tapes are "low impact on humans and environment" products since they minimize the emission of VOC?and odors.


#5200 series are new-generation products manufactured through the combination of LSV technologies that offer low odor and VOC emission and special foaming technologies.


5511 series tapes incorporate no base material. They are constructed in an adhesive-only layer and provide extremely high transparency.


The polishing cloth setting double-faced tapes are widely used in electronic material manufacturing processes, including LCD glass substrate manufacturing processes.


#3250A and #3600K protect various substrates in the multilayer substrate manufacturing process. Their weak adhesion characteristic permits easy peeling and improved workability.


This sheet is constructed from a very thin polyester film that is uniformly coated with special transparent adhesive in a clean room and is particularly suitable for protection of photo-masked surfaces in the printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing process.


#157SD keeps the anti-adhesion layer intact, even under solvent attack, and allows you to easily peel off the mask, even against a liquid resist with strong tacking capability.


#155FP suppresses the beam scattering in the UV parallel beam exposure process to enhance the reproducibility of 30um or smaller fine patterns.



#5516 series products incorporate no base material. Constructed of only an adhesive layer, they provide high and excellent adhesion.







Butyral and PVC Resin

SEKISUI Fine Chemicals Division


LCD Dpacer, Microsphere and Photosensitive Resin

Micropearl SOL


Solder plated true sphere with a plastic core and was designed for mounting chips to circuit board.



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